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EZ Baccarat Panda 8



Object of Game

As the name implies EZ Baccarat is fast paced and easy to play. Players choose which of the two hands, Player Hand or the Banker Hand, will end up with a point value closer to (9). Easy as that!

How to play

Players will begin each hand by placing a wager on either the Player hand or the Banker hand in the appropriate betting circles. Players may also place an optional wager on the Bonus betting circles as well. (See Bonus Wagers chart below for odds and description.) The Dealer will deal 2 cards for each hand: the Player and the Banker. Depending on the initial card values, each hand may also be dealt a third card. (See chart below for when additional cards will be dealt.) Cards for each individual hand will be added up based on the total value of cards but only the last digit will be used. (Ex. a total of 19 becomes a 9, total of 14 becomes a 4, total of 8 stays an 8, etc…)

Determining a Winner

The hand with the point total closest to (9) will win and all wagers placed on the corresponding betting circles will receive even money. All other wagers will lose and be collected by the dealer. (If a Dragon 7 is achieved, any wagers on Banker will push and be returned to the players. All other wagers will lose and be collected by the dealer.) If a bonus hand is not achieved, all corresponding wagers will lose and be collected by the dealer. Any hands that result in a Bonus will pay according to the Bonus Wager chart below.

Card Values

Aces have a value of 1, cards 2-9 have face value, cards 10, Jack, Queen, King, have a value of 0. The suits of each card have no bearing on the value of the cards.

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