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As of July 1st, 2024

July Promotions

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Total Paid Out in Jackpots Last Month


Current Jackpot Totals as of July 1st, 2024

Big Bad Beat Jackpot


Small Bad Beat Jackpot


Blazing 7’s Jackpot


Face Up Pai Gow Jackpot


3 Card Jackpot


EZ Baccarat $5 Progressive


EZ Baccarat $1 Progressive


Our Games

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*Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus, EZ Baccarat Panda 8, Buster Blackjack X, and Face Up Pai Gow are California Style games and utilize a Player-Dealer position. The Player-Dealer shall collect all losing wagers, pay all winning wagers, and may not win or lose more than the original amount wagered in their player bank. Once the player-dealer’s wager has been exhausted, the wagers not covered by the player-dealer shall be returned to the respective players. The Player-Dealer may only “bank” the hand (including bonus bets) for two consecutive rounds of play before it is offered in a clockwise fashion around the gaming table. Kings Card Club/Westlane Cardroom does not participate in the actual play of the game and has no interest in the outcome of the hands. Player-Dealer’s will be responsible for paying the collection to the house based on the table action wagered. All payouts/collections will be determined by the placement of the action button in accordance with the rules established for each specific game and continue in a clockwise manner around the table.

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