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$2/$5 No Limit Poker

GEGA-002020 (1-800-GAMBLER) GEGA-002170, GEGA-002171

2x points from 6pm to 2am ($2-$5 No-Limit Poker only)
5x points from 2am to 6am ($2-$5 No-Limit Poker only)

$25 Pot Splash every half hour.
Every day 6:30pm to 11pm. ($2-$5 No-Limit Poker only)


Rules and Regulations:

  •  A minimum of (5) players required for pot splash promo to be awarded.
  • Table will be determined by random high card if multiple tables are active.
  • Must be logged into an available $2-$5 No Limit Poker live game with your Player Rewards Account during the designated times to earn corresponding points.
  • It is the players responsibility to verify with staff that they are logged in.
  • Player Rewards accrual rate is 100 points per hour of play.
  • Points may be redeemed to the nearest dollar rounded down. (100 points = $1.00 towards Kings/Westlane food, drinks, and merchandise)
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid ID with a Players Reward Account.
  • Players must be actively participating in a live game to earn points.
  • Inactive players will be logged out at management’s discretion.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

6111 West LaneStockton, CA 95210(209) 267-4567